Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hot Mess Magazine

My wonderful friend Sabrina Scott took time out of her busy life this past March to put together a beautiful, full color, 24 page magazine full of fresh OCAD talent called "Hot Mess". This piece made it into the magazine! There will be a launch party for the very first issue of this magazine tomorrow at The White House Gallery (277.5 Augusta Avenue). Also to celebrate the occasion I will be displaying three new arts that I made today and yesterday at the opening. Everyone in Toronto should come to this cause it's going to be super fun! Doors at 9pm. Hope to see you all there! Also don't forget to grab a copy of the magazine! IT'S FREE!

(cover by Sabrina)

Also, special thanks to everyone who came to visit our TCAF booth thingy! I had a really great time and met tones of cool people!
(photo courtesy of this Jamie guy.)


  1. dudeguyjoren! how is it going! It's alexis by the way. congrats on your AA acceptance - don't let a certain profs insecurities get you down, you should be totally proud! can't wait to seeee it!!